What do I do if I think I have a medical negligence/personal injury claim?

Contact us and we can help you assess your case. With a no-obligation initial consultation, we’ll gather the basic facts and provide some overall guidance. If hired as your personal injury attorney, we will identify the distinct issues and circumstances of your case, extensively research every angle, draft and file your legal complaints, act as your advocate in settlement negotiations or argue your case in state court, if necessary. In all steps of the process, we will always work to protect your best interests with respect, care, and integrity.

How do I know which attorney to choose?

Look for these key qualities when researching personal injury firms:

  • Experience – Does the firm specialize in personal injury and medical negligence? We have chosen this area of law as a specialty.
  • Reputation –Contact the local bar association and ask for referrals based on a synopsis of your situation.
  • Referrals – What percentage of the firm’s clients are through clients, judges, other attorneys, and medical professionals? The bulk of ours come to us this way.
  • Compassion – When talking to the attorney, do you feel like he or she is listening and cares? Our firm was founded on this as a core value.
  • Compatibility – Do you feel comfortable talking to the attorney? Do they have experience with similar cases and a winning track record?
  • Personal Attention – Does the firm return your calls and emails right away? Do they have time to dedicate to your case? If you retain us, you get us, not an associate. Each attorney handles the case they were retained on, but we also work together as a team. Our support staff has been with us for many years.

Why do we do this work?
Tina Stupasky has always been interested in helping others. In addition, she is very interested in medicine. These are some of the reasons she became a nurse, then an attorney. Personal injury and medical negligence victims suffer life-altering consequences of someone else’s mistakes/choices. The favorite part of her job is getting excellent results for her clients, evening the playing field between her clients and the insurance companies who represent the responsible party, getting to know many wonderful people, developing a trusting relationship with them, and working closely with my clients.

Free Consultation

Not sure where to start? Contact us at any time to speak with one of our experienced attorneys. There is no obligation. Just call (541)342-1141 or email us, so we can begin helping you.